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We believe the typical real estate sales experience has become bloated.

We believe you deserve kindness and consideration. We believe you’re tired of smoke and mirrors; these are disrespectful games designed to artificially panic you, and make you feel scared and helpless.

We believe in small words, short sentences, and beautiful photographs.

We believe brevity brings clarity. We believe in pulling back the curtain on all the documents, steps, and processes you need to complete your next real estate transaction, even before you become our client.

We believe you want to feel empowered and informed.

Glick+Glick has reduced all unneeded tools, fluff, and jargon to deliver to you the simplest, easiest, most intuitive real estate purchasing and sales experience available.

We believe sometimes you need fresh eyes.

We believe that sometimes we need a new way of looking at something, to see it again for the first time. We believe that status-quo isn’t necessarily a good thing. And we believe we’ve finally found a way to do something about it 🙂

Like Leonardo DaVinci, we believe that “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

What do you believe?


We’re different. 

We believe a realtor blur has set in.

We believe it’s not in your best interests for realtors to use identical websites, identical business cards, identical signage, identical value propositions, and chase an identical infatuation with meaningless, non-human, 360° floor-mounted, video tours. We believe different is divine.

We believe it’s time to revisit so-called best practices, and ask tough questions:

Is there a better way to show a home’s true potential, even if its hidden?
Is there a better way to use video and print materials to attract buyers?
Is there are a better way to make your home a star on the world stage?

The answer to all three questions represent the foundation of Team Glick’s revolutionary marketing tools and methods.


Only Glick+Glick

We’re proud to deliver to the world a new breed of advertising materials and marketing tools to help you sell your next home for top dollar, more simply, and with more transparency than ever before.


Our property brochures are 100% original; designed and developed in-house to be different from anything the market has seen before. Same holds true for our buyers guides, listing presentations, home evaluations, flyers, business cards, postcards, and of course, even this website you’re visiting right now. Instead of telling you they’re the most beautiful, captivating, magnetic real estate marketing tools you’ve ever seen, we suggest you take a look with your own eyes, and then decide for yourself.

In short, we believe the most effective marketing approach is a unique one.

What do you believe?